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The main objectives and activities of Humanity in Action Bosnia and Herzegovina include the realization of peaceful and sustainable future in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region through education, networking and cooperation of youth with the aim of developing mutual respect and cultural, religious and ethnic tolerance in the international environment, as well as raising awareness of social problems, injustice, humanitarian work through domestic and international projects.

Humanity in Action strives to include young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina in the discourse related to democracy, human rights and minority rights.

In addition, Humanity in Action Bosnia and Herzegovina is organizing and implementing the following activities:

  • Advocating for the creation of a network of participants who have undergone professional training within Humanity in Action;
  • Advocating for the exchange of information with similar organizations in the country and the world that seek to prepare young people to create a better world  in terms of human and minority rights;
  • Support in terms of organizing various activities, summer schools, visits of peers from other countries;
  • Publishing of brochures and handbooks for the purposes of the Foundation (in accordance with the law that is applied to non-profit organizations);
  • Advocating for voluntary work in communities, introduction of voluntary work as an important factor when it comes to youth activities; and
  • Attempting to raise awareness about global and local problems through various projects.