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The French Senior Fellows Network, HIA < Network France, was officially created in February 2007 as a non-profit association registered under French law. This Network is open for membership to all those who participated in the Humanity in Action Fellowship in France, to all French Fellows who participated in the Humanity in Action Fellowship in the United States and to all Humanity in Action Senior Fellows living in France.

HIA < Network France is financially, ideologically and politically independent. Its mission is to stimulate and reinforce the senior fellow network around the ties stemming from the participation in Humanity in Action programs in Europe or the United States.

Thanks to the commitment and diversity of its active members, HIA < Network France supports and promotes reflections, conferences and activities regarding the promotion of equal opportunities, diversity and social cohesion.


Building and maintaining contact between Senior Fellows; Helping Humanity in Action France in its various actions and activities (with regard to communication, recruiting, organization of events, etc.); 
Supporting our members’ initiatives and activities; 
Organizing socio-cultural events in line with Humanity in Action goals; 
Supporting the development of a European Senior Fellows Network (ESNF);
 Representing French Senior Fellows in the Humanity in Action Foundation activities and developments.

Board Members

  • Ignacio Petitcollot, President (Paris Program 2009)
  • Ijtihad Judith Lefebvre, Secretary General (Paris Program 2011)
  • Maryna Soula, Treasurer (Berlin Program 2012)
  • Marine Burdel, Responsible for Communication (Lyon Program 2013)
  • Vanessa Varin, HIA Ambassador to the French Overseas Territories (Lyon Program 2010)

If you would like to become a member of the French Senior Fellows Network, and for general inquiries, please email us


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