Code of Conduct

Humanity in Action is committed to providing an open, respectful, and safe environment for its Fellows, Senior Fellows, Program Interns, Staff, Board Members, speakers, partners and others involved in its programs. 

To this end, members of the Humanity in Action Network follow a Code of Conduct which sets the expectations of Humanity in Action for the members of its network. It is a collective agreement among all Network Members. 


Code of Conduct for Program Participants

Humanity in Action is committed to providing a respectful environment to all those involved in its programs. Fellows, Senior Fellows, Program Interns and Staff in all countries (collectively, “Network Members”) are ambassadors of Humanity in Action and should demonstrate appropriate conduct in the programs and in public. This Code of Conduct describes Humanity in Action’s expectations for the behavior of its Network Members throughout their time in the fellowship programs and network activities. Humanity in Action’s Board of Directors follows a similar Code of Conduct which is appropriate for the Board Members’ engagement with Humanity in Action.

Respect for Each Other

All Network Members approach each other with respect. The themes presented during Humanity in Action programs are challenging and often highly sensitive. Network Members approach discussions with maturity, honesty and an openness to explore their own perspectives and those of others. Network Members engage in these highly sensitive discussions in ways that are constructive for each individual and the group. 

Respect for Speakers

Network Members approach speakers with respect and with a desire to learn – even from speakers with whom they strongly disagree. Humanity in Action does not assume that Network Members will agree with all the viewpoints presented by all speakers. In these cases, Humanity in Action encourages Network Members to vocalize their disagreements in a respectful and constructive manner.                    

Network Members may attend sessions during the programs that are confidential, off-the-record or sensitive in subject matter. They agree to follow the requests of speakers and the program staff regarding confidentiality, attribution and social media.

Respect for Hosts and Accommodations

Network Members comport themselves in places of accommodations – whether hotels, hostels, homestays or other locations – with respect and comply with any associated rules or standards of conduct. Non-Network Members cannot stay overnight in any Humanity in Action-sponsored accommodations without pre-approval from program staff. If placed in homestays, Network Members should be sensitive to their hosts’ expectations and show an openness and eagerness to get to know the person or family. 

Cultural Sensitivity and Adaptability

Network Members are sensitive to cultural and social differences and recognize that some of behaviors they may find uncomfortable pertain to these different contexts. Although cultural misunderstandings may occur – during and outside the program – Network Members should always show respect and a willingness to understand and work through as best possible these cultural differences. 


Network Members attend each scheduled session at the designated times. Should a Network Member need to arrive late, the Network Member should contact program staff in advance. Program staff may excuse absences on a case-by-case basis.  

National and Local Law

All Network Members follow the laws governing the countries where their programs take place and are susceptible to associated penalties should those laws be broken. Network Members are ambassadors of Humanity in Action and should demonstrate appropriate behavior.

Safety and Harassment

Humanity in Action is committed to providing an environment where people can interact comfortably and freely from any form of harassment, sexual or otherwise. Such offensive behavior may relate to race, gender, sexual orientation and identity, religion, national origin, disability, or other protected statuses and/or identities. Network Members refrain from offensive behavior and remarks in the program involving other Network Members, Board Members, visitors, speakers and/or other third parties. Humanity in Action will promptly investigate reported cases of harassment. Please see Humanity in Action’s Harassment Policy for further details.


Humanity in Action Staff, Program Interns and Board Members do not engage in intimate, sexual or romantic relationships, suggestive or otherwise, with Fellows during the Fellows’ programs. All Staff and Board Members also refrain from engaging in intimate, sexual or romantic relationships, suggestive or otherwise, with Program Interns during the programs. 


Network Members are encouraged to report immediately any issue or concern to any staff member. Humanity in Action will investigate each reported issue/concern and will take appropriate action.

Network Members who fail to comply with Humanity in Action’s Code of Conduct will be subject to penalties that will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the program staff and other international staff, including the Executive Director. When possible and appropriate, Humanity in Action staff will provide a warning of a breach of the Code of Conduct to Network Members and give them the opportunity to amend their behavior. Humanity in Action staff will adjudicate minor issues on a case-by-case basis. For serious violations of the Code of Conduct, the Executive Director will immediately be called upon to intervene. Serious breaches of the Code of Conduct could lead Humanity in Action staff to immediate dismiss a Network Member from the program and network after consultation with the Executive Director.