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Gender, Identity and Human Rights

Gender & Identity in the Global South 

Week 1 – Gender, Identity and Human Rights

There is no difference between sexual minorities struggle and other religious and ethnic minorities fighting for protection, recognition and equality. It is about the freedom to live a dignified life regardless of one’s sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religion or ethnicity. But how are we to understand gender, identity and human rights and why should we care?

Watch Magnus M. Harrison (National Director of Humanity in Action Denmark) and Lars Henriksen (Director of Copenhagen Pride) discuss this and more in the introductory session of the Gender & Identity in the Global South online course. 

As a part the project, six young LGBT activists from Kenya, Pakistan and Uganda traveled to Denmark from the in the month of August. The activists participated in official debates, gave lectures at different educational institutions, and held network meetings during Copenhagen Pride celebrations. This talk is the first of many of the corresponding online educational course presented in partnership with CanopyLAB. 

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Gender & Identity in the Global South is generously supported by DANIDA’s Information Grant and partners include CanopyLAB, CPH Pride, Sabaah, Operation Day, the Danish Family Planning Association and AKS Films.

Learn more about the initiative and online course here.

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