12 Senior Fellows on #MeToo's International Impact

February 02, 2018

In the past several months, the #MeToo Movement has gained momentum across American industries and communities and has spread to many other countries. Many have hailed #MeToo as a major step forward in women’s rights and gender rights, while others have criticized elitist and exclusionary aspects of the movement.

We asked Fellows and Senior Fellows to share reflections on #MeToo in their countries -- Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine and United States. We're excited to share their important reflections with you today. 

We look forward to continuing this important conversation, and we share deep thanks with the 10 Fellows and Senior Fellows for sharing their perspectives:

Netherlands: "Not My Cup of Tea"
Anne van der Bergh (Amsterdam Program, 2015)

United States: "Pushing Past the Trending Hashtag"
Roberto Flores (Atlanta Program, 2017)

Poland: "#MeToo Under the Threat of Nationalism"
Sylwia Wodzinska (Warsaw Program, 2014)

France: "From #MeToo to #WithoutMe: How French Elites Led the Country to Turn Its Back on Women"
Ndeye Diobaye (Paris Program, 2014)

Denmark: "#MeToo vs. Denmark"
Ane-Krestine Larsen (Copenhagen Program, 2010)

Belgium: "Slowly, Belgium Reckons with #MeToo"
Saim Saeed (Berlin Program, 2014)

Ukraine: "#UkraineToo? National Specifics of the Gender Equality Initiative"
Diana Dayub (Berlin Program, 2016)

Bulgaria: "#MeWho? #NotUs …but Wait a Minute!"
Ina Doublekova (Berlin Program, 2007)

Greece: "Baby (or Small) Steps for Feminism"
Alexandra Amanatidou (Berlin Program, 2015)

Turkey: "Is it OK to Say ‘#MeToo’ in Turkey?"
Müge Yaman (Copenhagen Program, 2014)

Germany: "#MeToo: Germany doesn’t need it. But does it?"
Mariana Pryven (Warsaw 2013)

Bosnia and Herzegovina: "#MeToo: Breaking the tradition of silence"
Zvijezdana Marković (Atlanta 2015)


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