Grants from Humanity in Action


When: We accept project proposals until September 1, 2019.

Where: Our Conference & Action Academy takes place from October 24 to 28, 2019 in Berlin.

Who's eligible: All Senior Fellows are eligible to apply.

Time to Act: Addressing Antisemitism in Our Societies

Embedded in an increasingly powerful discourse driven by xenophobia, nationalism and extremist views, recent incidents, data and reports show that Antisemitism is on the rise both in Europe and the United States. Humanity in Action, therefore, invites grant proposals from Senior Fellows for civil society projects that aim to counter Antisemitism within a broad range of issues that deeply impact our societies. The projects should aim at providing information about historical and present-day forms of Antisemitism, prevention, creating meeting spaces between people with Jewish and non-Jewish identities, linking history and remembrance with the present, developing information and prevention campaigns, empowerment, awareness raising, as well as targeted resistance to Antisemitic statements or actions.

Due to generous support from the Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future, we are in a position to spend 45,000 Euro for these Senior Fellows projects. Humanity in Action will support the implementation of the project ideas over the next year.

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Humanity in Action has run several grant competitions in the past. The resulting projects have consistently illustrated the vast potential of the Humanity in Action network. The creativity and knowledge base of Humanity in Action Senior Fellows, together with their commitment and dedication to advance human and minority rights, have led to the implementation of dozens of civil society initiatives with a direct tangible impact on the communities in which Senior Fellows of the organization are active. It is for this reason that Humanity in Action continuously runs grant competitions in an effort to enable the realization of Senior Fellows’ innovative ideas that aim to foster pluralism, active citizenship, minority rights and human rights - in their own local communities and beyond.

While these grant competitions differ in their thematic scope and outlook, they are united by their common underlying aims: to combat discrimination and societal injustices, foster pluralism and stimulate societal diversity. Humanity in Action grants seek to further empower its community to establish initiatives that embody the organization's educational mission and values, to increase collaboration among Humanity in Action's global network of Fellows and to inspire others to action.


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