Our Senior Fellows

As Humanity in Action Senior Fellows remain engaged with the organization and its mission they constitute the alumni—and heart—of the fellowship programs.

Humanity in Action’s impact is enhanced through the professional and personal initiatives of our Senior Fellows. They enrich Humanity in Action’s broad range of programs. They work together to take responsibility for their societies and the world we live in.

Humanity in Action supports Senior Fellows with an ongoing multiplicity of educational and professional development opportunities. They enable Senior Fellows to collaborate through the Humanity in Action network around the world. Their involvement provides both opportunities through the organization and responsibilities for its work.

The Senior Fellows who become part of the network join after the successful completion of their annual program and conclusion of an action project. The Senior Fellows are alumni in the traditional sense of being graduates of an educational program: each Senior Fellow gets updates on the organization’s work; all are able to apply for various programs designed for professional and personal advancement, participate in study trips and annual conferences; and compete for grants from Humanity in Action for new action projects. And, of course, Senior Fellows are asked to contribute to the organization to whatever degree is possible.

The Humanity in Action Senior Fellows network is an ever-evolving educational and professional experiment, in part based upon the strong social connections and friendships formed in the annual fellowship programs and continuing interactions. It is a unique fellowship program that looks to its Fellows to broaden the scope and scale of the organization. They provide a multiplier effect by using the knowledge and relationships gained in our many programs to inspire one another and to make a difference in public life and service—in government, journalism, medicine, law, education, the arts, business and grassroots action.

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Senior fellows by the numbers:
  • 1600 Senior fellows in HIA network
  • 43 Nationalities represented
  • 57% Of senior fellows have received a professional opportunity because of HIA
Senior fellows associations

Senior Fellows have set up a number of alumni associations in countries across the globe:

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