Sylwia Vargas

HIA Program:

Poland Poland 2014


Sylwia (Warsaw 2014) is a social activist passionate about women’s empowerment and a feminist social entrepreneur. A double graduate in Linguistics and Cultural Studies from Poznan University, she took a break from her PhD in Sociology in which she researched group dynamics between Israeli and Palestinian migrants in Berlin. Three years ago, as her Action Project, Sylwia co-founded MamyGÅ‚os, a nation-wide foundation empowering teenage girls in Poland to stand up against sexism, delivering workshops to 1,500+ teens and free psychological counseling to over 300. Currently, she is developing a new solution to the underrepresentation of young women in IT. Sylwia was a Program Coordinator in the 2017 Warsaw Fellowship and co-created HIA Poland’s social entrepreneurship school. She is happily married to another Senior Fellow.She is a Global Laureate Fellow (2017), DO School alumna (2017) and Ashoka’s Changemaker (2016). In her free time, Sylwia co-authors interactive books for teenagers on racism, menstruation, sexism and ableism, and is fiercely learning JavaScript to code for a better world.


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