Audrey Winn

Pine Grove, PA

HIA Program:

Netherlands Netherlands 2015


Audrey Winn is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh with a triple major in Chinese, non-fiction writing and philosophy with a certificate in Asian studies. She is passionate about workers’ rights and has organized workers both domestically and internationally. Her research projects have looked at the unconscionability doctrine, corporate espionage, migrant labor policies and the impact of outsourcing on low-income communities. In her spare time, Audrey enjoys working on initiatives that address educational inequality, hanging out with her ridiculously smart roommates and sister, being in awe of her former ACLU co-workers and thinking of puns that will inevitably not be that funny. She is incredibly grateful to Pitt for all the support that it has given her and will be for the rest of her life. After graduation, Audrey will attend law school to pursue her passion for labor rights.

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