Raphael Boon

HIA Program:

Netherlands Netherlands 2015


Born and bred in Leiden, The Netherlands, Raphael Boon is currently doing two bachelor degrees at Leiden Universiteit, to wit: law and international studies. He has also obtained a first-year diploma in Criminology. Working as a Pekoenja- Advisor for (the now defunct) Youth Fund Pekoenja, Raphael has been able to visit and counsel many socially significant projects throughout the Netherlands. Moreover, he has worked as a coach for socio-economically disadvantaged children at the WeekendKlas and he has volunteered at an asylum center for De Vrolijkheid. Raphael is passionate about Southeast Asia, which does not restrain him from learning Spanish and developing an interest in Latin America as well. For his graduate studies, he plans to take a master in public international law, after which he will consider further projects to pursue.

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