Emma Yip

Co-Founder, Delta Collaborative
New Orleans, LA

HIA Program:

Denmark Denmark 2017


Emma Yip graduated from UC Berkeley at the end of 2016 with a degree she lovingly refers to as "tree hugging and people hugging". She wrote her thesis on control grabs and land relations of chocolate companies and cacao growers in Indonesia. She was very involved in Standing Rock and continues to fight today in Louisiana against the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. She currently lives in New Orleans, and works as the co-founder of Delta Collaborative. At Delta, Emma captains the TIMESHIP #39. Delta's mission has brought her back from the year 2113, a dire and apocalyptic future that must be avoided at all costs. She takes the TIMESHIP out to communities across America to share educational artwork and exhibits about environmental degradation and how to stop it. Built within a short yellow school bus, TIMESHIP #39 is the intergalactic council's last hope for invigorating seeds of change and resistance across middle America. To find out more, or to book TIMESHIP for an upcoming event, please email Emma at emma@deltacollab.org or visit our website at www.deltacollab.org.


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